Project “Spirit of the nature” is in progress

The “Spirit of the nature” project with number 2022-1-BG01-ESC51-VTJ-000080595 is in progress.

A volunteer service is to be held, in which 17 young people from Bulgaria and Romania will take part in the period 08.02.2023 – 26.02.2023. The initiative will take place in the village of Falkovets, North-West Bulgaria, where the volunteers will work together to increase public sensitivity to environmental issues and promotion of activities aimed at creating sustainable development in the field of ecology.

Meetings will be held with young people from the area and representatives of the local community in order to promote a dialogue for the protection of protected areas in the municipality. During the volunteer service, a discussion on the topic “The effects of global warming – what lies beneath the surface” will be held, as well as an information campaign “Recycle – it’s easy” in local museums, schools and stakeholder visits.

A variety of topics related to environmental protection will be addressed; work will be done on the preparation of proposals for solutions to reduce the impact of human activity; a dialogue will be initiated on climate change and the need to adapt agricultural production to new living conditions.

Beneficiary: “Bokaya” Association, Bulgaria

Partner: “3D Tinerii”, Romania.

Implementation period: 01.06.2022-31.05.2023

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