Project “Youngster workforce” with number № 2020-3-BG01-KA105-094896 has started

Today, 11th January, we are glad to inform you that the project “Youngster workforce” with number № 2020-3-BG01-KA105-094896, funded by the Erasmus + Program, started on 01.01.2021 and has a duration of 3 months.

The main goal of the project is to increase the level of professional and personal competencies of a total of 39 young people from Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia and to develop in them specific knowledge and skills with which to be able to effectively participate in the labor market.

Specific objectives of the project are:

  • Improving the knowledge of the mechanisms of the labor market and the practical skills for finding and finding a job;
  • Acquisition and development of skills, new knowledge and competencies for career guidance;
  • Building leadership, personal and civic competencies through a dynamic learning process and through interactive approaches and non-formal learning methods;
  • Development of creative thinking of young people;

The leading organization within the project is Association “Bokaya” – an organization that works actively with young people and has extensive experience in implementing youth-oriented projects. Partner organizations in the project are Asociatia Act Integration – a Romanian youth organization working in the field of active youth civil society development at local, regional and national level, and Center for Creative Development – Knjazevac – a Serbian non-profit association set up to improve the situation. of children and young people, promoting youth employment and work engagement, as well as promoting ideas for sustainable development and environmental protection through the application of eco-technologies in our daily lives.

Within the project, a total of 39 young people – 13 from Bulgaria, 13 from Romania and 13 from Serbia aged between 18 and 25, who will take part in a 10-day youth exchange in Vidin, Bulgaria, which will include in a variety of learning and creative activities, including: role-playing games, presentations, discussions, workshops, exchange of experiences, simulations and other activities based on non-formal education methods. Their implementation will increase the level of key competencies and skills of young people in terms of increasing knowledge about the labor market and relationships in it, strengthening knowledge and good practices in job search and finding, as well as building a positive attitude towards the inclusion of labor market.

The project will involve 5 disadvantaged young people from each of the three partner organizations living in isolated geographical areas and experiencing economic and / or social constraints, which will enable the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies of these young people with fewer opportunities.

The project will create important conditions for personal and professional development of the participants, and through their participation they will gain valuable experience and skills related to:

  • Increasing the knowledge about the suitability for employment and finding a job as an element in the fight against youth unemployment;
  • Building entrepreneurial thinking and encouraging the formation of entrepreneurial culture;
  • Acquisition of valuable knowledge and skills for preparing a CV and cover letter, applying for a job and behavior during a job interview;
  • Development of the initiative of the participants for independent work and individual realization;
  • Improving the level of orientation, awareness and motivation to look for and find a job;
  • Having a positive impact on the acquisition of soft skills such as presentation, participation in discussions, argumentation, teamwork and time management required for the labor market;
  • Improving communication and language skills, as well as developing qualities such as tolerance, empathy and teamwork;
  • Increasing the competencies in the field of European legislation with an emphasis on the mechanisms for dealing with youth unemployment.

Through the successful implementation of the youth mobility project, the team of Association “Bokaya”, in partnership with Asociatia Act Integration and Center for Creative Development – Knjazevac, will help to enrich its range of tools and methods for working with young people in various fields, such as at the same time they will increase the capacity for work and management of international projects and work with international partners.