“Spirit of the nature” project was implemented

“Spirit of the nature” project with number 2022-1-BG01-ESC51-VTJ-000080595 was implemented.

Main goal of the project: Protection, maintenance and restoration of biological diversity as part of the natural potential for sustainable development of the municipality of Belogradchik.

In the “Spirit of the nature” project, 34 volunteers took part, who, within 38 days, had the opportunity to participate in various activities and events, and thus master the necessary knowledge to make them responsible and committed individuals, capable of actively work to solve environmental problems.

The young people worked for the protection of wild birds in the area of Belogradchik municipality. They got involved in various activities with the task of: Gathering information about the damage caused to the environment by man – making posters with a recovery plan; Improving the environment and creating conditions for monitoring, research and protection of wild bird populations in the area; conducting an information campaign to attract public attention to the need to adapt policies to the coming climate changes and sustainable and efficient use of natural resources; proposing solutions to reduce the impact of human activity on the environment; promoting dialogue on climate change and the need to adapt agricultural production to new living conditions.

The realization of the project achieved:

• Popularizing the idea of youth volunteering and the opportunities it provides to support environmental protection activities.

• Mastering key skills such as innovation, critical thinking, decision-making, communication in a multicultural environment, leadership.

• Development of partner organizations and enrichment of their portfolio to offer up-to-date and quality solutions for environmental protection.

Beneficiary is “Bokaya” Association, Bulgaria

Partner: “3D Tinerii”, Romania.

Start: 06/01/2022

End: 31/05/2023

Duration: 12 months

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