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Association „BOKAYA“ brings together young people from Vidin. In association members are young people aged 18 to 30 years. Causes which are working is to build a civil society, improving the quality of life among young people support and protect the interests of members of the Association and their awareness. Our cooperation sectors are tourism, culture, sports. We support for improving contacts and cooperation between NGOs, local authorities, businesses and citizens and others.Activities of the Association is the development and promotion of spiritual values, helping the needy, those in need of care, promoting social integration and personal realization, protection of human rights and the environment.Association „BOKAYA“ is an independent organization whose mission is based on the understanding that developed and strong civil society is achieved through the active involvement of empowered and informed citizens in public processes. In its initiatives Association „BOKAYA“ focuses on youth democratic values and mechanisms that encourage individual participation and civic responsibility. Achieving sustainable results and shared values and creating lasting relationships between actors of civil society and representatives of the third sector, government and business are part of the activities of the association.The team of the Association „BOKAYA“ is composed of ambitious and proactive young people, which is essential to achieve the objectives of the organization, they have to know the issues that concern young people today are actively working to find their solution. Leaders of the association has experience in organizing and implementing projects in the fields of sports, education, volunteering, youth exchanges. The association is part of the largest network of EURODESK and actively participate in activities at regional and national level. The Association has implemented a project for youth activities „Youth Bank – Vidin“, „Mutual support for future champions,“ projects aimed at the target of organization.


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Association BOKAYA

Mr. Boris Nedyalkov
Vidin, Bulgaria, str. Car Simeon Veliki 28

e-mail: bokaya@abv.bg