Extension of the Project „Youngster workforce“, № 2020-3-BG01-KA105-094896, due to anti-epidemic measures

Today 21th January in connection with the implementation of the project № 2020-3-BG01-KA105-094896 „Youngster workforce“, funded by the Erasmus + Program, and the introduced anti-epidemic measures on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, the project needs to be extended and provided for in it youth exchange to be postponed.

The reasons for the extension are caused by the restrictions introduced by the competent health authorities in connection with the prevention of the spread of the Covid-19 virus on the territory of our country. The 10-day mobility of a total of 39 young people from Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia was scheduled to take place in the period 01.02.2021 – 10.02.2021. The specific regulated travel conditions between Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania, on the one hand, and on the other hand, restrictive measures in connection with the holding of group events prevent the planned youth mobility from taking place in the planned time period.

Associatio “Bokaya“ expresses its readiness to implement the youth mobility envisaged in the project qualitatively and within the stipulated deadlines after prior coordination of the travel regime and safety measures with the project partner organizations – Asociatia Act Integration, Romania and Center for creative development – Knjazevac, Serbia.